NISISS is a brand that has dedicated itself to the poetic presentation of movements and Esthetique Relationnel. Based on the consideration of oriental aesthetics and cultural values, NISISS explores its future and significance from collisions and interweaving between the past and the present. Via clothing as a means, NISISS liberates the wearer from the pale and barren reality, establishing a flowing and changing universe within the oriental aesthetic system.


The Creation of NISISS


Established in 2006, NISISS is a distinctive clothing brand and is deeply rooted in Chinese culture, while the core of NISISS’ creations are inevitably blended into the broader and more profound ideals of Chinese aesthetics.


Catching the “rhythm” of nature, rather than reproducing replicas, has long been a key component, traversing through the development of Chinese art. Without this inner rhythm, clothing items would be lifeless and the design process merely reflecting a loose set of fabrics. Nisiss pursues the desire to grasp emotions, atmosphere and the stylistic vigor of objects; demonstrating a sense of beauty, as if acting upon nature.



NISISS’ creation is based on the vitality of human existence, and creates a certain artistic sense of beauty, consisting of calmness, elegance, and unadorned simplicity. Having mastered the mature techniques of design, the creative process of NISISS is like drawing, according to the traditional way - before starting, an integral image along with the exuberantly expressive emotions should appear in the artist’s mind; after that, one can blend the diverse and eclectic forms of beauty into a whole and, only then, can the ‘ideal’ expression of beauty, which is incredibly fresh and alive, be fully visualized.



In Wang Guowei’s (王国维) Renjian Cihua 人间词话 (The Notes and Comments on Ci Poetry), the internationally renowned scholar considers the “Ci poetic atmosphere to be the highest state of Ci poetry” (词以境界为上). It is because the design of Nisiss also pursues such a poetic atmosphere, that the clothing it creates can leave a lasting and profound impression that extends well beyond everyday style.